How do I record the song that is playing on my computer and transfer it to my device?

Last Revised: 2017-12-07 11:05:39

Follow the instructions below for recording.

1. After launching the program, under the Get Music section and select Record.
2. Click the Record button.
3. Play the song you want to record. Here we list Spotify as example.
3.1 Launch Spotify (via web or app) and play the song you want to record.

4. The program will start recording the song. You can see the time recording as it is being recorded.

Follow these instructions for transferring music to a mobile device.

1. The recorded song will be saved to the Recorded under the iTunes Library(Library for Mac). (The new recorded files are on the end of the song lists.)
2. Connect your device.
3. Select the songs you desire to transfer and click the Export button on the top right corner and select Export to your connected device.

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