How do I verify that my phones driver has been installed correctly, and how do I fix it if it’s not installed?

Last Revised: 2017-12-07 11:05:25
Generally, Windows would help to install the USB driver for your device automatically when you connect it the first time until it has been installed successfully.

To verify that the driver was successfully installed, right click (right mouse button) My computer (Windows XP) or Computer (Windows 7/Windows 8), This PC(Windows 10) and select Manage > Task Manager.

If you don’t see any driver installed as in the screenshot above, remove your device from the computer and reconnect it again. It’s recommended to try a different USB port, or USB cable. Windows will attempt to install the driver for you again.

If you have a yellow exclamation mark beside the device, refer to the link below to get an up to date driver.

If in the Device Manager your driver looks similar to the image above, then you have successfully installed the driver for your device.
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