How to uninstall the download button?

Last Revised: 2017-12-07 11:05:42
You can remove or disable the download button under your browser. Generally, it is under Preferences > Extensions/Add-ons. Then, restart your browser. The download button will not appear any longer. And when needed, you can enable it again in the same place.

Here are the detailed steps for each browser.
For FireFox:
On the right corner of Firefox, go to Open Menu > Add-ons > Extension.

For Chrome:
On the right corner of Google Chrome, go to Customize and Control Google Chrome > Settings > Extension, disable the TamperMonkey extension. Our Download button is being installed via it.

For IE:

On the right corner of IE, go to Settings > Manage Add-ons.

For Safari:
Click on Safari > Preferences > Extensions.
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