What can I do if KeepVid Music fails to record the songs I have chosen?

Last Revised: 2016-12-22 17:44:21
If the product doesn't record the song, click the Record button first, then play the song you want to record to try again. If the case persists, the virtual sound card used for recording songs might be damaged. Here are the tips to reinstall the product for your reference.

1.Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manage.

2.Go to Sound, video and game controllers. Find WsAudioDevice sound card. Right click it and select Uninstall.
3.On the pop up window, select Delete the drive software for this device.

4.Re-install the program via the following link.

Download URL:

If the above doesn't help, click the Settings button on the top right corner of the program and select Feedback to contact us with a screenshot of Start > Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices > Audio Option and Playback tab. You can press PRINTSCREEN in the keyboard to take the screenshot for further assistance.
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