What is your License policy?

Last Revised: 2017-12-12 16:09:03

1. According to the installation numbers of the license permits, the license can be divided into Single-User License and Multi-User License.

Single-User License
Installation of the product purchased under a Single-User Personal License is restricted to one single personal computer owned by or under control of the license plus one additional computer also owned by the licensee, e.g.: One computer at home and another at work, or a desktop and a laptop at home. However, at any given time only one copy of the purchased products can be in use.
No matter the reason, if the software has been registered more than 5 times, you will get the warning every time you use the software. Even if the software was registered on the same computer each time. In order to continue using the software a new license needs to be purchased.

Multi-User License
A multi-user license means that the license can be installed on the specified numbers of computers entirely within your family, organizations and corporation within one particular specified location or on a network at a single site (e.g. office). Pricing for multi-user license depends on the number of end users the license will support.

2. According to the purpose of the use, the license can be divided into Personal License, Academic License, and Commercial License.

For Personal Use: With Personal License, you can use the product in a business, academic, or government environment and you can only intend to use it for private or employment use exactly on the licensed computers. We do not permit you to sell, distribute or undertake other activities with the software or any output from the software and do not authorize you to undertake any other activities with the aim to generate revenue directly from the output of the software.

For Academic Use: With Academic License, we offer discounts to a student or employees at schools or non-profit or government-run institutions for academic, research, instructional, administrative and charity use. Commercial use is prohibited.

For Commercial Use: With Commercial License, a person can use the product in a business, academic, or government environment. They are free from the restrictions of using the output of the software for commercial uses, such as selling, distributing or other activities with the aim to generate revenue directly from the output of the software.

3. According to the duration of the license can be used, the license can be divided into One-year License and Lifetime License.

One-year License: One-year License allows you to use this license for one year and after that you can renew if you want. The payment(Swreg, Avangate or Paypal) will send you an email 7 days in advance to warn that the order is going to be expired 7days in advance. The e-mail will also provide instructions about how to turn off the "Automatic Renewal Service".

Swreg: You can visit the Cancel Subscription link at SWREG customer support:, and clicking on "I want to cancel my recurring payment."
Regnow: You can visit the link here( and input the order information. Click the order ID and you can cancel the recurring payment.
Avangate: You can stop the payments simply by logging in to Avangate myAccount, going to "My Products" area and by clicking "Stop automatic license renewal" beneath each product that has this option enabled.
Paypal: How to cancel a recurring payment (
Call PayPal (

Lifetime License: With Lifetime License, you can use the license and enjoy free upgrade for lifetime.

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